Male Sexual Support and Herbs

Male Sexual Support and Herbs

Male sexual support and herbs 

While some men trust pharmaceutically approved stimulants (e.g viagra), others believe that herbal concoctions are safer and cheaper alternatives, because drugs not only tend to have side effects, but also harbors the possibility of creating dependency issues. The question however is, do herbs actually work, or  are men just experiencing the placebo effect (beneficial results due to the belief in a treatment, rather than the treatment in itself)?

 The causes of impotence, or erectile dysfunction are peculiar to different men, therefore, any herbs that addresses those particular causes would be deemed as effective, for instance, for men whose impotence is caused by diabetes, high blood pressure, or decrease in certain hormone secretion level with age, any herb that has the potential to alleviate diabetic symptoms,  reduce blood pressure or enhance  hormone secretion would likely aid their respective sexual performance.

 Research shows that certain herbs possess varying degrees of success for treating sexual inadequacies. For example, Safed musli, which is a herb that originated from India have the potential to increase not only libido, vigor and arousal, but also sperm count. Mondia whitei (white’s ginger or tonic root), also has been proven to increase libido and sperm count. Tribulus terrestis (caltrop or goat head) also revealed libido improvement and spermatogenetic attributes. Other herbs that have been scientifically tested include: crocus sativus (Saffron), Myristica fragrans (Nutmeg), Phoenix dactylifera (date palm), Lepedium meyenii (maca), amongst several others.

 It is therefore safe to conclude that the potency of herbs as sexual performance enhancers and powerful aphrodisiacs is not a myth, but a fact, as proven by scientific research.

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