Male and female fertility support with herbs

Male and female fertility support with herbs

There are so many causes of infertility, and while some can only be treated by actual medical intervention, others are just a result of issues relating to stress, irregular cycles and ovulation, hormonal (estrogen and testosterone) imbalances, and/or weak uterine muscles, sexual function (libido and erectile dysfunction), and semen quality (sperm count and motility) all of which can be corrected with herbal alternatives.

 Herbs and Female Fertility

Some herbs which have been proven to have fertility support attributes include red raspberry leaves, which is rich in calcium, iron and vitamin B, and have been found useful in menstrual cycle regulation and also contains fragine, a chemical that helps to strengthen the uterine wall; alfalfa, not only high in vitamins C, E and K, but also gives the body a boost in minerals which are essential for a strong and healthy reproductive system and helps regulate estrogen fluctuation; stinging nettle, a herb which not only cleanses the system of toxins that may be affecting fertility, but also has a calming effect and can help in reducing stress, which has a major impact on fertility.

Other potent herbs which aid fertility and may double as kitchen spices include garlic, ginger, turmeric, cayenne and cinnamon.

Herbs and Male Fertility 

Many herbs have been proven to be effective in boosting make fertility. 

Tribulus terrestis (caltrop, puncture vine) is an example of medicinal herb which has been found to improve both libido and erectile function. 

Extracts of Fenugreek (known in Yoruba as “eru”), which is a popular medicinal and culinary herb has been discovered to increase strength and testosterone levels in men.

Furthermore, ashwangandha (Yoruba: ako bolobolo, Igbo: obo, Hausa: Yanka-dafi) is a medicinal herb with origin in India and has been proven to increase male fertility by boosting testosterone levels. Scientific research showed an improvement improvement not only in sperm count and motility, but also in semen volume. 

Research has also shown that taking maca roots supplements may improve libido, fertility and sexual performance.

In conclusion, it is important to note that many things may boost fertility, but what works for an individual is dependent on the root cause of the infertility.

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