1.     What is herbsng.com?


We are a platform that works with only the highest quality of herbs, vegetables, plants and spices to provide  much needed nutrition support for everyone’s wellbeing goals.


Your goal may be for additional bone nutrition, female reproductive nutrition, male reproductive nutrition, weight loss nutrition etc. these wellness goals can be met with herbs, plants, vegetables or spices properly introduced in drinks, meals or even pepper soup


2.     What are these herbs, plants, vegetables and spices?


They are ( hygenically dehydrated or fresh ) items that have specific vitamins and nutrients to meet specific wellness goals based on your observed deficiencies. Some of these plants are very available everywhere and some are rare. Some are quite cheap and some are quite expensive. During the first Covid wave for instance, people were told to buy lemon, ginger and honey to drink and boost immunity.


So, If you need immunity support, for instance, we would suggest specific herbs, plants and spices for that specific goal which you can add to your meals, use as a drink or consume in any way you desire. It may even be respiratory wellness, reproductive wellness, bone support, pain support etc. These herbs provide the needed nutrition to meet these goals.


3.     How long does it take to source these herbs, plants, vegetables or spices and how long does delivery take?


Standard sourcing takes about two hours depending on the rareness and availability of  the herbs/ plants. 

Some more rare herbs could take longer. 

Delivery however depends on your location but we aim to deliver between 12 hours and 48hours after orders are placed.


4.     You have a service which says “if you have tried everything and it doesn’t work? Talk to us” What do you mean?


Many people in various health institutions have  noticed deficiencies in their health or wellness based on the fact that they have some diseases and pain. Many of these diseases have taken them to various places for treatment to no avail. At that point, what you require is to keep your nutrition up, your immunity up and give yourself the best of herbs to support your specific goal. 


We want to help.


When everything has failed, we want to provide nutrition with herbs, plants , spices and vegetables that can help as much as possible in supporting your wellness goals.


5.     How does that work?

You simply book a consultation with our experienced practitioners who will assist you to create a plan that should enable you see improvement towards your goal.


You then order the suggested item AFTER DISCUSSING WITH YOUR DOCTOR and it will be delivered to you.


6.     What is herbsng NOT?

We are not medical doctors nor are we selling drugs. 

We are not selling prepared products that have been packaged or manufactured.

We are not claiming to have products to cure diseases or sicknesses. 

We have NO qualification to do any of the above. We are only a platform where experienced traditional medicine practitioners provide information and advice of the efficacy of consuming herbs for wellness goals. We also help you buy these herbs, plants , vegetables or spices and deliver to you with instructions on how to prepare and consume. 


We have individual liability agreements with each practitioner who are registered with relevant authorities and allowed to practice. In cases where there is any dispute, we initiate the dispute on behalf of the client and where we can not mediate , we hand both parties to the relevant agency for further action. As an objective independent party, we would give whatever information is available to us and aim to be objective and fair. 

We however insist that all clients - when in doubt , prior to purchase, contact your doctor or physician for professional medical advice or waive that right