If you need immunity support, feminine wellness support, male wellness support, respiratory wellness, reproductive wellness, bone support, pain support etc. we would suggest specific herbs, plants and spices known for that specific goal which you can add to your meals, use as a drink or consume in any way you desire as individual herbs in whatever form sold traditionally.


Herbsng is a platform that provides you with fresh, highly nutritious vegetables, herbs, rare plants and spices sourced from various government permitted herbs markets across Nigeria and recommended by experienced vegetable sellers, herb sellers and health practitioners to you for your wellness goals.

These herbs included in your food or drink could provide the needed nutrition to meet these goals.


With the introduction of science and age long known practices in selling vegetables, herbs, plants and spices, we are now able to conduct random tests for pesticides and toxicity. We also provide information about how these items could have probable drug interactions, bar codes for tracking and ensure we list as many nutrients as possible in each plant, vegetable or herb.


Our approach is to inform you about these herbs, vegetables and spices which are food items that are available for consumption either as food, drink or pepper soup. You order these items, we send them to you with the preparation instructions on how you how you can drink or consume these items which have for over 50 years been proven to help all kinds of nutritional deficiencies plaguing us.


Because we are a registered food preparation and cooking facility, we can also help you buy and prepare these vegetables into a meal, drink, soup or pepper soup for your consumption. We do not formulate, sell prepared or branded products or any processed product. Our primary aim is to ensure we bring ONLY THE BEST pure, organic herbs, plants, spices and vegetables to everyone while encouraging the public to imbibe a plant based lifestyle approach to meals and nutritional needs.


Our team is made up of Herb sellers, professional herbal practitioners and health professionals in various areas including male and female related practices. We also have access to doctors and consultants who can on our request advice our clients on a variety of other related solutions where necessary